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This week on Ride or Dye we discuss how to motivate Adrian to get motivated in social media, our preferred methods of celebrating, what a Pastapalooza looks like, Adrian finally learns how to say "Amatriciana" and how mistakes can strengthen the bond with a server, and why you should skip this weeks appointment with Adrian.There's a new gimmick in the neighborhood and Taylor f*cking hates it! And no, we're not pregnant, that's just a food-bump from celebrating at our favorite restaurant.

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Oh, and Adrian has to read a super bizarre Audible drop! …*Cough* This week on *cough* Ride or Dye we talk about sick days and the tough decisions we're faced with when we're not feeling 100%.

We also discuss why it is that Adrian is never sick, this stupid new show on Netflix we can't stop watching, and the ghost appointment haunting Adrian's days. This week on Ride or Dye we welcome Sam, one of Chicago's best servers, to the show!

Besides that, they share an atmosphere and interior decoration seldom or perhaps even never seen elsewhere.

Business psychologists, unit trusts, lawyers, advertising agencies, recruiters and management consultants work side by side with luxury brands and bloggers in the luxurious premises.

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