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Just like you, we are committed to increasing economic growth, advancing peace and democracy, promoting human rights, and investing in the next generation of Senegal’s leaders. You have taken the initiative by accepting the #YALILearns Challenge and by taking YALI Network Online Courses in a variety of topics from elections, to the rights of women and girls. When we launched a campaign for original short films on women’s empowerment, we asked the YALI Network to #Be Bold For Change and promote the rights of women and girls through film and self-expression. Embassy is proud to engage with you, members of the YALI Network, to help you achieve your goals.

an energy conscious 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social project Read about HOPE for Senegal at: All of these girls are applying to be HOPE Scholars.

(Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign a project of HOPE Events Inc.

The celebration also marked the opening of the science lab. The lab has been painted, secured, and is ready to go! We shipped 300 lbs of equipment, including 30 microscopes that are going through customs clearance in Dakar right now! Info about Senegal Senegal is on the western-most tip of Africa with a population of 14 million people.

Check back soon for updates on the girls as they make it through the year and as the projects for next year begin! We sent $2,000 of the science teachers to purchase the remaining lab needs that are avai View More Lycee Malick Sy is among the largest high schools in Senegal. With a 39.3% national literacy rate (29.2% for girls), this project is one that can have great impact. French colonization ended in 1960, and the country is now a republic.

Saturday's event organised by Ndao's SENEcole project attracted 250 children, boys and girls, aged between 11 and 19."There's not a lot of them, but when there are they are typically top of the class," he said of girls studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects."In order for any country to be sustainably developed, you have to really work on science and engineering," he added, but Senegal's brightest minds tend to undertake studies abroad lured by hopes of higher salaries and better lifestyles.