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day of treatment, you may utilize your communication devices (at identified designated times).You may also make appropriate phone calls from our landline as long as they have been approved by the clinical team.

Recovery Road staff has special expertise in treating process addictions that may co-occur with substance use, such as gambling, sex, internet, and video game addictions.

We also work closely with young men ages 18 to 25 who enter our treatment program and facilitate conversations about the struggles and triggers that are specific to this age group.

A: Clients are allowed to have $200 maximum in cash as well as personal credit/debit cards and checks for toiletries and additional services (e.g. These personal items are documented/recorded and kept by Futures’ management team, securely in a safe. When observed as threatening to the recovery process, staff may choose to confiscate certain items.

We also have a safe available upon request, with provision of receipt.

Men often become addicted to substances or behaviors for different reasons than women and face specific challenges when it comes to seeking treatment, so all of Recovery Road's staff are experienced in addressing the unique issues that men face in addiction and recovery.