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In the last decade, West Virginia has seen a 124 percent increase in the number of children brought to court for a status offense an offense that violates law only because of the offenders status as a minor.

In many West Virginia counties, status offenses (mostly for truancy) make up at least half of all juvenile cases referred to court, and in some counties, status offenses account for over 90 percent of all juvenile cases.

He said he found semen on several pieces of evidence from the crime scene, and tested the semen for an ABO blood type.

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Edmonds CHARLESTON – A grand jury has indicted a youth pastor of an upper Kanawha Valley church for allegedly sexually abusing a former student of the church's affiliated school. was in the care, custody and control of [Edmonds]." Also, the indictment alleges the "[Act] occurred within three years prior to the date of the finding of this indictment." However, as previously reported in , court records show Edmonds, 37, was initially arrested and charged with one count of sexual abuse by a parent or guardian on May 2, 2006.

On July 31, the Kanawha County grand jury returned two counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian against Timothy C. The indictment does not give many specifics except that Edmonds "did engage in or attempt to engage in an act of sexual intercourse with ... Edmonds' arrest came two weeks after James and Debbie Green, Angel's parents, informed police of a letter she wrote them detailing kissing between she and Edmonds "on an intimate nature." In an interview conducted by Trooper L. O'Bryan of the West Virginia State Police, records show Green, now 18, said on several occasions she'd been alone with Edmonds for long periods of time.

Gerald Davis was convicted in 1986 of kidnapping and two counts of sexual assault.

His father, Dewey Davis, was convicted of abduction, sexual abuse, and sexual assault stemming from the same incident.

In his investigation, O'Bryan said he found one witness who observed Edmonds and Green entering the house alone only to then "have the doors locked and secured against entry." When the witness "knocked several times on the door ...