Sophos remote updating

Also, there’s the problem that exploits can often be abused in pairs, for example by combining a critical hole such as remote code execution with an escalation of privilege hole that sounds much less serious if you consider it on its own.

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Remote Update ensures that all computers, regardless of whether they are permanently connected to the company network or not, are still protected against the very latest virus threats.

"With the number of viruses in the wild increasing every day, organisations need to take proactive steps to protect themselves," said Brian Burke, senior research analyst of internet security software at IDC.

I have followed the KB article I created the Gold Image.

My question for Unidesk (or those who have Sophos working) is when I update the OS Layer, do I need to follow the KB article and delete the Machine_ID, registry keys etc everytime?

To keep bandwidth requirements to a minimum, Sophos virus protection updates are typically only 1-2 KB in size, while the monthly product update or upgrade is as small as 250 KB.