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Even though Sylvia is tough, she has a soft side, mainly for Wander since he is her best friend and companion. At one point, she was a bounty hunter who tried to capture Wander.

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Sylvia and Wander have been inseparable since the day they met, and she accompanies him on his many adventures throughout the universe as his steed, bodyguard and best friend. She is kind but tries not to show her soft side too often.

Sylvia is smart, but is sometimes overpowered by her own temper.

Sylvia is very tough when battling bad guys, and is able to take out her adversaries very quickly with her punches.

She utilizes her strength to protect Wander in most cases, but also uses it to help out the various inhabitants of the planets they travel to, usually at Wander's behest.

Tim Sylvia has taken another unpredicted turn just two days prior to its scheduled date.