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Marco Andretti - Marco, like Danica, drives “commando” style.

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Make that lovely, talented, and inquisitive, as Bohlander has done a wonderful job of asking hard-hitting questions, like “boxers or briefs?

” Because you can't get enough Bohlander, here is a list of the interviews she has conducted for "Up To Speed" (U2S) thusfar, along with some of the revelations she has uncovered by using subtle, time-tested interrogation techniques such as running her hand through her hair, laughing, and focusing her big hazel eyes at her guests.

Ryan Briscoe - Ryan can detail your car and has a thing for vinegar.

“Veen-eee-guh”Helio Castroneves - Helio is a Brazilian “redneck” (Brazilbilly! Scott Dixon - Scott must enjoy hanging out for adult beverages because he mentions bars twice in four minutes. Tony Kanaan - Tony is currently negotiating sponsorship for his newborn son.

After Tony Kanaan won Sunday’s Iowa Corn 250, an odd scene unfolded on camera. Two years & 30-some-odd races between wins is an eternity in Kanaanian Time, and maybe that played a role. There was an distinct inevitability to his emergence in the Winner’s Circle, and if took help from others, so be it.