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Elsewhere, Simon tells Cecilia that he needs space, while Kevin and Lucy adjust to married life.

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After Superman's last appearance in We very cognizant of not wanting him to come in and steal her thunder, so this Superman that we designed was something that you really haven't seen too much of.

Usually when you see Superman, even when it's in the Christopher Reeve movie or Man of Steel or Lois & Clark, he's just starting out and we wanted to show Superman who's been doing this for a decade and has gotten really, really good at it.

He was really coming in as a supporting character for Kara, to be a friend and a cousin and a mentor.

We simultaneously wanted to have a Superman who was relatable and fun and sort of everything that you remember about Superman from your childhood that was great, while also, at the same time, de-mystifying him a little bit.

However, seems like the actor is happy with his onscreen affairs and is currently single in his real life.