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How to use parameters and execute stored procedures from an ASP. How to create a memory resident database using Data Sets and Data Tables. NET framework contains a rich set of classes and controls for working with database data in your ASP. We'll approach the subject of database access by dividing the topic into two chapters. We'll also cover some of the more advanced features of ADO. NET to bind database data to standard Web Controls, such as the controls. NET application with Microsoft SQL Server (version 7.0 or greater), these are the classes you'll use most often.

atabase access is a crucial component of almost any ASP. In this chapter, you'll be given an overview of ADO. NET, such as stored procedure support and filtering and sorting data. These classes enable you to execute SQL statements and quickly retrieve data from a database query. Why did Microsoft duplicate these classes, creating one version specifically for SQL Server and one version for non– SQL Server databases?

Customers" Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter( _ query String, connection) Dim customers As Data Set = New Data Set adapter. Sql Data Adapter cust Adapter = new Sql Data Adapter( "SELECT * FROM dbo. An auto-incrementing integer column will still be added to the table, but no child table will be created or filled, and no relation will be created.

Fill(customers, "Customers") // Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. Customers", customer Connection); Ole Db Data Adapter ord Adapter = new Ole Db Data Adapter( "SELECT * FROM Orders", order Connection); Data Set customer Orders = new Data Set(); cust Adapter. Fill(customer Orders, "Orders"); Data Relation relation = customer Orders. The following example uses the MSData Shape Provider to generate a chapter column of orders for each customer in a list of customers.

Pulling all of the table to the client also locks all of the rows on the server. However, this representation may cause a problem when the data type in the data source is a SQL Server decimal or numeric data type. NET Framework is created for the chaptered column, and that table is filled with the columns and rows from the chapter.