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Digital files made available over the web allow government agencies to provide information to partners or the public quickly and efficiently.In addition, through the application of optical character recognition (OCR) software, digital images can be used to create text-searchable files which increase access and use.

Consider appointing a data steward charged with oversight, compliance and access determination as well as serving as a resource to handle questions and provide guidance.

When updating record retention strategies, companies should carefully consider the requirements for digital evidence in court to ensure that their electronic files will be admissible in discovery or litigation cases.

Each state and federal agency has a different set of requirements, often covering the same documents so it's challenging for you to know what to keep and for how long.

Establish a clear policy on record retention and destruction including schedule, file location, methods of destruction and a records administrator.

Legal Framework Imaging is, by Minnesota state law, a recognized and legitimate form of record reproduction.