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Her "nonna and Grandpa" got a big thank-you from the singer backstage.

Chris Daughtry's eponymous band Daughtry has had a solid year, releasing new album "Baptized" last month after an aggressive touring schedule. Ryan Seacrest & Jenny Mc Carthy Talk Getting Ready for 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'Recalling 2013 in an interview, Daughtry looks back on the past year fondly, considering it a successful 365-day cycle, all things considered."It was a very busy but very fruitful year," the frontman said.

Season: 15 Episode: 05 Total Episode Count: 274 Prod.

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In 2012, he offered his song "Fight" for free to anyone who donated to The Heart Foundation benefiting heart-disease awareness. of albums: 3 Grammy awards: N/A Other projects: In 2007, Malakar appeared in a one-minute parody short "I Am Art," co-produced by Will Ferrell, in which his character claims that he made up the Sanjaya persona as a gag.

Malakar had to later explain the film was just a joke.

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First up is Ariana Grande, who besides stunning audiences with her retro-style performance of Tattooed Heart, picked up the Favorite New Artist award.

There will be a lot of discussion about the legacy of "American Idol" after it names its final winner and the stage lights go off on Thursday night.