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So the stories go the stately manse sports such rarefied decorative accoutrement as boiseries carved by celebrated 18-century cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale himself and the very floor Napoleon Bonaparte stood on when he proposed to his first wife Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Like many entertainment industry movers and shakers, Mister Geffen also maintains an oceanfront getaway in Malibu, in his case a multi-structure compound on Carbon Beach — a.k.a.

Last fall, Kuntz, now 21, was accused of stalking Geffen.

Geffen’s four-parcel Georgica compound was also sold, according to the well-informed property gossip at the New York Post, in a top-secret off-market deal for “around $50 million” to a “troop of developers.” The music and film industry tycoon, who presides over an elephantine fortune estimated by Forbes at more than $6.5 billion, is a lavish living real estate baller of the highest order who in addition to a tanker-sized yacht owns a heavy-duty handful of huge and sumptuous trophy homes on both coasts that all together probably cost more to maintain each year than the GDP of a small country.

Mister Geffen has long made his primary home in an approximately 13,600-square-foot Neoclassical mansion on not quite ten completely landscaped acres in Beverly Hills that he acquired in 1990 from the estate of showbiz pioneer Jack Warner for an undisclosed amount widely reported to be $47.5 million.

Kuntz must attend psychiatric counseling twice a week for the next year as a condition of his two-year probation term and must stay 200 yards away from 71-year-old Geffen for the next 10 years.

Billionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen, whose ability to use charity donations to embody the principle of selfishness is truly astounding, made—spoiler alert!!!

A Jewish hip-hop lover and closet painter who still lives with his grandparents, David has little in common with Rafi--a non-practicing Catholic from a wealthy, broken family who travels in the sophisticated, high-end world of fashion.