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Now, Gerald and Bea are rumored to be dating again.

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This is just me having fun." "For me, as long as you treat a woman right, as long you are giving them a good time, and you're friends, there is nothing wrong with that," he added.

When asked if he is ready to settle down, Cuenca said that there is no marriage in his book for now.

Pero dahil sa distansya, text at tawag, ang daming mga bagay na nagiging mas (The distance also because when it comes to long-distance, all the problems you have that you know you can fixed when you're together.

But because of the distance, the text and call, there are just things that makes it more complicated.) (that I said) to me I’m just cherishing that relationship. And sana one day, we can meet halfway and continue the relationship but so far right now we have to do what’s best for us," he said.(It was something new to her because she never had an actor for a boyfriend.

Itinanggi ni Ivan Dorschner na nagkaroon sila ng relasyon ni Ana Perez de Tagle, apo ng veteran singer na si Sylvia la Torre. She’s great,” ani pa ng isa sa leading men ni Barbie Forteza.

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