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Not only is her body snatched AF, she has also been in the studio and has a new boo.In case you hadn’t heard, Somaya is dating rapper Lady Luck! We checked in with Somaya, who is beyond smitten, to get the details of her new relationship. As an artist I like to keep up with other dope MCs.So I asked, ‘is this going to be one of those things where I’m going to have to get ax and beat the hell out of my car and say it’s my Dad’s fault?

According to insiders, they’re “both happier and cutting out negativity” to make their relationship work.

clan has been very busy since she last graced our TV screens so many seasons ago.

The show will take a look at how label founder Sylvia Robinson’s son, Leland Robinson, Sr., and his relatives (Darnell Robinson, Rhondo Robinson, Jr., Antonio Jordan, Lady Luck, Somaya Reece, Eseni Ellington, Sasha Robinson, Kasin Robinson and Leland Robinson, Jr.) are butting heads about the future of the label.

“All of my kids have ideas for the future of Sugarhill,” Leland says, “but none of them have showed me that they can really run this empire.” However, there is one who thinks she deserves the crown: Le A Robinson. “Sugarhill was started by a woman, it’s destined to be run by a woman again.” First Family of Hip Hop premieres Sunday, January 15 at 9/8c.

Season 1 star Somaya Reece is shocking fans these days after revealing she’s currently in a relationship with a woman!