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So i hope this drama will get well received in japan too. Yuto actings is improve and he became good in acting, so no worry about his acting. Yep, Yutti's my oshimen but setting aside his idol life, he is really a good actor.

He has matured and his tendency to overreact in his roles esp when it comes to dramatic scenes lessened. In my opinion, he was able to go head to head with Masaki Suda with the course of acting in this adapatation. Although there were some parts that they added and removed from the original novel, I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MORBIDITY OF THE MOVIE. wow i just knew that the extremely cute kid who is shouji's brother in nobuta wo produce was him!! and i'm currently watching their Yowakutemo drama and find him so attractive..

The drama is written by the scriptwriter of drama 'Iljimae' and 'God's Gift: 14 Days', and produced by Kim Hong Sun PD of hit OCN drama 'Voice'.

I first witnessed his acting through his drama 'The Perfect Son' (which may I say I bought) and I was intrigued with his goofy character. I was really impressed with your performance in all the films. Just so you will have more drama/movie and more awards in the future.

I hear he has two more movies coming out this year, so I can't wait to see him on screen again.